quotes and shit // jenny.F
✖️The sun will remain☀️✖️

It’s not always easy to know who you are
It’s not easy to know who you want to be
How do people see me?
How do people know me?
Once I barely knew my name
If it was ‘daddy’s girl’ or ‘you fucking whore’
I didn’t even know if I was happy
Cause once I saw everything in a blur
Everything was fine
But then I missed to see my mom in the clear
Yeah it really made me blind
Once I thought someone saw me
I got pushed down six feet under
Once I thought someone listened
All I felt was loneliness
I realised I need an anchor
Something to pull me back down
Or maybe someone who was actually real and true
That’s why I love you
Cause no matter if the skies are black and grey
Rain or storm
You will always be my sun
And you will always remain



I sacrificed everything for you. I have tried to see what you see how you see it but I can’t. All I see is the lies and the violence and how it’s changed you. Turned you into a monster.
Tara (Sons of anarchy)


You’re wondering why we’re not friends anymore? Cause when I met you, I was fucked up man. When we became best friends, I wasn’t even clear in my head. Cause when you feel bad, you wanna be bad. So now, when life is fuckin amazing, I’ve cleared out all idiots in my life. I don’t wanna live in the past. That’s why we’re not friends anymore.